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Welcome to the fan community for Rune Master: Tales of a Demon slayer. If you're a fan of the comic, please, feel free to join! This community is currently open-membership -- you have to join to post, but you are automatically accepted once asked to join. However, I may restrict this if trolls or such become a problem.

Once you've joined, you can discuss anything you want about the comic -- the plot, the characters, the art, whatever! It can be something you like, something you dislike, or merely something you found interesting. Whatever you want -- so long as it's RM related. All we ask is that you put spoilers (See: anything major after Chapter 8, Book I) under a LJ cut, and that you be respectful to the other members.

Seeing as this community was just put up and I've yet to announce it, kudos if you found it. XD; Seriously, join and get this place moving!
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