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Diyero Discussion

I know there are currently only four members (including Carissa and myself), but I will nevertheless try to get the ball rolling here a bit... If we show more activity here, hopefully other people will be more inclined to join in.

In any case, on to the topic at hand... Diyero. Considering he's the namesake and the main protagonist of the comic, I believe he is a great place to start discussion. So, I prompt this: From your perspective, how has Diyero developed and grown thus far in the series? From any aspect - emotionally, physically, artistically (by that I mean my art style), intellectually, morally - whatever. How is your opinion of him different now than it was at first impression, and is part of that because of his growth (or lack thereof, depending on your view), or because more about how he is has been revealed over the course of time?

Feel free to only touch on part of the above if you don't feel like/can't answer the whole thing. I only mean to incite some thought... And if you're one of my friends who knows more about Diyero than the comic currently shows, remember we are discussing how he is now in comic time, not how he will end up. Think of how he is as of Chapter 11 and go with that.

I may instill my own views, but seeing as Diyero is essentially my iconic character and has been for the past two years, I fear I can't be totally objective. I will happily discuss with others on what they perceive, however.

So... Get typing, peeps! Otherwise I'll just look like a rambling maniac... <.< >.>
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